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New Year, New Hoxby

Finding a new role is the top New Year resolution for Brits according to recent research, and recruiters say January is their busiest month, with more than half of the UK workforce looking for new positions.


FLEX – Revolution, not evolution!

In 2017 a movement was sparked inside one of the world’s largest banks. Hundreds of individuals from across HSBC in the UK came …


Students: Is it a good idea to start freelancing while you’re still studying?

More and more young people are choosing to work for themselves. In fact, we’ve seen a huge 41% increase in the number of young …


Parents: the biggest under-utilised pool of talent in today's workforce

Parents - a significant group within society that can truly create a new way of working not only for themselves but for future …


How to tackle loneliness as a freelancer

Reading about the recent BBC Radio 4 loneliness survey (which found 40% of 16-24 year olds often feel lonely) got me thinking …


Rewriting the Psychological Contract Hoxby-Style

Over the years I have increasingly become of the view that a huge amount of time and effort is invested and targeted at selecting …


Why more mothers than ever are choosing to freelance

The traditional employment structure is forcing parents (both mothers and fathers) to make unreasonable compromises when it comes …


Risk and rewards

More and more people want to break away from 9-5, but the biggest question on everyone’s minds: are the rewards really worth the …


I can see the light, finally

We talk to four Hoxbies about the dark places depression has taken them to and how life with the Collective has formed a vital …


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