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A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view

A girl from Wales who migrated to London, then Surrey and became a mum. A head of customer marketing for a major brand who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. In the absence of a fairy godmother, how would she juggle treatment, family and a career?


Now is your chance to join Hoxby’s revolutionary community

Good news! Applications have once again opened to join The Hoxby Collective. The streamlined application involves us asking you …


Home alone? Perspectives on freelancer loneliness – and how to tackle it

How do you deal with loneliness as a freelancer? To mark Loneliness Awareness Week, we asked Hoxbies to give their views


Staying In Work As A Carer

Caring has been put front-and-centre this week to highlight the lives of people who look after others. It’s likely that you know …


Discovering the importance of exercise for mental health

If I am honest, I am not sure I remember much about 2011-12. It seems like a blurry picture on a screen I can’t quite see. You …


How freelancing helps in tough family times

Going freelance was the best decision I could make for my family. Not just because of the extra legroom I now have when it comes …


Finding my balance for International Women's Day

The theme for International Women’s Day on 8 March is ‘Balance for better’, calling for a gender-balanced world. But what does …


Taking Care of Wellbeing at Work

Our offices and businesses are based on outdated thoughts, presumptions and values which do not ring true in the modern world. It …


How carers can grow their careers while looking after loved ones

Only 67 per cent of adult carers have a job, with the majority of the rest saying they’d like to work, but are unable to. Hoxby …


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