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Working from home: how to make the best of self-isolation and social distancing

Are you remote working due to self-isolation or social distancing? We explain how you can take advantage of the extra time you gain to be kind to yourself.


Hoxby’s Remote Working Strategic Approach

We share our strategic approach for remote working practices in order to create more resilient, productive, and flexible …


Coronavirus and remote working: looking after your mental health

With remote working increasing due to coronavirus, lots of people could be left feeling isolated. We explore the best ways to …


Slack hacks: the ultimate (Hoxby) guide to using Slack

Slack makes working remotely impressively simple. Learn how to get the most from it – whether you’re a remote team or just …


Spread the word. Stop the spread.

Join us in sharing advice, strategies, information, tips and tools about remote working so all businesses can confidently and …


Five rules for remote working to stop coronavirus

We share our top 5 rules for leading a remote working team in light of Coronavirus


The real future of work? Empathy and trust

Find out why the future of work will be founded on empathy, trust and truly flexible working, with remote teams empowered to work …


How to increase staff productivity and wellbeing at work? Let workers choose their own workstyle

Read how Hoxby’s highly autonomous, flexible working environment has an impact on workplace wellbeing and productivity.


7 tips to remote project management: a Hoxby guide

One of our Hoxby remote project managers has put together her best tips on how your organisation can be successful at remote …


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