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Students: Is it a good idea to start freelancing while you’re still studying?

More and more young people are choosing to work for themselves. In fact, we’ve seen a huge 41% increase in the number of young people choosing to work freelance, either full-time or part-time alongside other work. Why is there an increase among young people?


Parents: the biggest under-utilised pool of talent in today's workforce

Parents - a significant group within society that can truly create a new way of working not only for themselves but for future …


Rewriting the Psychological Contract Hoxby-Style

Over the years I have increasingly become of the view that a huge amount of time and effort is invested and targeted at selecting …


Why more mothers than ever are choosing to freelance

The traditional employment structure is forcing parents (both mothers and fathers) to make unreasonable compromises when it comes …


Risk and rewards

More and more people want to break away from 9-5, but the biggest question on everyone’s minds: are the rewards really worth the …


I can see the light, finally

We talk to four Hoxbies about the dark places depression has taken them to and how life with the Collective has formed a vital …


Dreaming in total darkness

Stress should make up a trinity of the inevitable alongside death and taxes. If not held in check it can eventually lead to the …


Work in Progress

Yesterday Hoxby co-founder Alex Hirst revealed how stress had left him disengaged from the world and his family around him. Alex …


Superhero Mums in Pyjamas

Beautifully timed on Father’s Day 2016 after Sunday lunch (and too much sticky toffee pudding), my darling daughter decided to …


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