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Our case studies

We are proud of the work we have delivered alongside our clients over the years. Here are some examples of the culture transformation and creative communications projects we have delivered.




A brilliant piece of work that will fundamentally shift our brand into a more energetic, vibrant, customer-centric space THANK YOU!

AIA Black Logo
Associate Director of Brand, AIA
Helping a billion people TO live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives


AIA aims to impact the physical, mental, financial, and environmental wellbeing of one billion people by 2030. This is AIA One Billion.

Over a 15-month period leading up to the launch, Hoxby crafted the strategy and creative elements. It is a campaign that has breathed new life into AIA's brand purpose. The main goal is to spark positive change in the region. This will be achieved by raising awareness and engagement among the diverse Asian population.



Hoxby have a collaborative approach, really listening to the context of the organisation and the unique challenges faced by complex organisations like universities.  This has helped us to develop sessions where we can measure the impact on the practice of managing hybrid working.

Black University of Warwick Logo
Director of Social Inclusion, University of Warwick


The University of Warwick has a diverse student body. After the covid-19 pandemic, it wanted to improve its Professional Services teams' ability to lead hybrid teams in an inclusive way.

They engaged Hoxby because of our inclusive remote work and leadership experience. We applied this to develop workshops tailored to the university's needs. The workshops focused on fostering effective remote and hybrid leadership. They aligned with Warwick's goal of promoting social inclusion. 

Leaders gained insights by collaborating. They learned to accommodate different work styles. They also learned strategies for managing hybrid teams well. Hoxby's Remote Leadership Diagnostic™ helped assess and improve leadership practices.

Leaders have committed to the approach. They are now measuring the impact and share mutual accountability for results.



The Hoxby team worked in a super-agile way, which allowed us to deliver outstanding content quickly and at scale.

Unilever logo black white-1-1-1-1
Head of content for Cleanipedia, Unilever



The mission was to establish Cleanipedia as the go-to online hub for all things Homecare. Website traffic had been dwindling and traditional SEO strategies were falling short. They came to Hoxby for a new solution. 

To establish Cleanipedia as an authoritative publisher, it needed to evolve. With a presence in 11 markets, the content needed to become more relatable to local audiences. 

We revitalised the online content to make it more inclusive of local audiences. We produced over 2000 new articles. Our global team delivered culturally-relevant content in 11 languages. Thanks to our way of working, we also maintained global consistency. Cleanipedia captivated local audiences and established its relevance across diverse markets.



I thought the sessions you did were great and helped us advance enormously.

Trivallis Logo
Ian Thomas, CEO
Remote leadership and culture building


Trivallis is one of Wales’ largest social landlords. They manage over 10,000 properties across Rhondda, Cynon, and Taff. 

By late 2019, it had defined a new vision, mission, and culture. It had chosen six priority areas for focus. Trivallis began to make this vision real with a new leadership team and a shift to longer-term planning.  

But in February 2020, three winter storms left a raft of damage across the Trivallis communities. Then followed the first COVID-19 lockdown, and the team shifted to remote work to embed their strategy and culture.

Trivallis asked Hoxby to support their leadership team. They need to set a strong foundation and address immediate challenges. These included an organisational restructure, workforce planning, and work reallocation. 

We assembled highly-skilled experts in organisational effectiveness, with experience of leading remote teams. The pandemic didn’t affect our ways of working, so we were fast to respond and get started, 

Our discovery phase delivered the insights. Trivallis could use it to determine the necessary steps to reach their goals. And, to put the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time. Working with the Essential 8 framework, we guided the team as they created improvement plans. We also helped them use new tools to track progress through this critical transition to keep their goals on track. They responded positively and are now well on their way.


Bringing new audiences to the Crunchyroll PLATFORM


Crunchyroll is the premier streaming platform for anime and manga enthusiasts worldwide. It has a thriving community of more than 70 million registered users.

Crunchyroll wanted to grow its fanbase in the UK and Japan. They came to Hoxby because we have experts in each country. Crunchyroll understood how inclusive comms could help them reach new audiences. We provided a global strategy with local understanding and expertise. We did proactive media outreach. We gave them compelling stories for their diverse business and consumer audiences.

The team surpassed all expectations. We drove remarkable growth and engagement in both target markets. 

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