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Remote working with teenagers: how to make it really positive

Hints and tips on transforming your experience as parent, homeworker and educator during lockdown.

TV interviews tips in a remote era

We share our top remote tv interview tips to give the best impression and ensure your audience is engaged.

Agile marketing: How we helped Beer Hawk FRESH pivot to Beer Hawk NOW! – in 48 hours

Find out how our agile marketing helped Beer Hawk FRESH pivot to Beer Hawk NOW! – in 48 hours.

Mental health at work: allowing myself to be kind to myself

A year after my young daughter died suddenly, I was diagnosed with PTSD. This post explains my journey to find work that …

Business resilience and coronavirus: 6 ways to emerge stronger from the pandemic

Read our 6 ways to learn from the crisis and for your business to emerge stronger from the coronavirus pandemic.

Hoxby’s Survey: Remote Working During Lockdown

New research reveals 78% think remote working is the future of business

How to create an online community in a remote working era

Remote working is becoming the norm, but it must be part of an online community to succeed. Our guide tells you how.

Combining working from home with homeschooling: 5 guiding principles

Need ideas for homeschooling while working from home? Here are some suggestions to help you stay sane and (reasonably) productive.

Hoxby’s top tips for working from home with children

Read our top tips from the Hoxby community on working from home with kids – believe it or not, some of us have been doing this for …

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