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Our people

Hoxby teams understand the authentic culture of your audience. Whether for a communications campaign or a culture change project. So, we assemble teams of people for each brief. We combine our expertise, life experiences and locations to meet each unique challenge.

All Hoxbies share a vision for an inclusive future - a world of work without bias. When we aren't working on client projects, we are creating that future of work as members of the Workstyle Revolution.


Culturally intelligent teams

Our teams include both the technical knowledge and the cultural understanding needed for success. You can hover over their image to discover a little more about a few of our people or you can join the Workstyle Revolution and meet them all...

  • Cath Green

    Cath Green


    Transformation & Comms Strategist based in the UK.

  • Clare Welsh

    Clare Welsh


    HR & OD Consultant passionate about enabling people to flourish at work, based in the UK.


  • Auws Al-Gaboury

    Auws Al-Gaboury


    Creative producer leading medium to large-scale video, branding and photography projects.

  • Tamara Makoni

    Tamara Makoni


    Inclusion, culture & comms specialist based in Brussels.


  • Nicola McKelvey

    Nicola McKelvey


    Brand strategist, copywriter, PR, sponsorship & comms specialist, based in the UK.


  • Melissa Fretwell

    Melissa Fretwell


    Multilingual Comms, Creative and Marketing fixer based in Spain.


  • Anita Hockin

    Anita Hockin


    Leader in business transformation and digital.


  • Joana Veiga Ferreira



    Joana Veiga Ferreira


    Content & SEO Strategist, Copywriter & Project Lead from Portugal, currently based in Malta.




I joined the Workstyle Revolution because… Hoxby feels like home. There's professionalism, leadership, and learning, but with the corporate politics stripped away. I have never met any Hoxbies in real life, and yet we laugh together, work together and are changing the world together.

Victor, Rayleigh, UK

Join us

We believe everyone should have the freedom to choose when and where they work for themselves.

We call it their ‘workstyle’ and this way of working is what makes our culture, and the work we do for clients, so unique. If you agree, join us. Or, if you're just curious, join too. The Workstyle Revolution community is free and open to all.


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