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Hoxby’s Virtual ‘Round the World Attempt Reaches Seattle

On January 1st 2019, Hoxby (a global agency consisting of a 700+ strong remote working community) began the #HoxbyWorld365 Challenge; attempting to virtually traverse the globe in a year by running, walking, rowing, cycling, swimming, horse riding and more. This is the first time that a remote workforce has united to attempt to do this.

How does the challenge work? Each participating member of the Hoxby community logs their daily or weekly fitness activities into Strava, and the combined distances are plotted into the map each week and aligned with a virtual geographic destination. This week - having crossed miles of the North Pacific Ocean - the #HoxbyWorld365 team has made it to Seattle (that’s an incredible 10,591 miles since the challenge began 21 weeks ago).

HoxbyWorld365 is one of the many ways that the Hoxby Community works together to achieve a happier and more fulfilled society. Achieving true work/life balance is integral to the Hoxby ethos- and finding time to exercise in the open air plays a significant role.

Studies have shown that exercise boosts workplace productivity by 21%* and motivation by 41%** - and 150 minutes per week can equate to a 31%*** lower risk of depression.

Joint CEO Alex Hirst explains; “We decided as a community to challenge ourselves to run around the world. The #HoxbyWorld365 challenge is very personal for some, for others, it is a way to connect as humans within a remote working environment. We’re so proud of each individual success story, but also the fact that this has been an ‘opt in’ initiative and we have seen so many Hoxbies not only choose to do this but also support one another.”

Currently, 14% of the Hoxby Community are participating in the #HoxbyWorld365 initiative, which is entirely voluntary.

Follow the #HoxbyWorld365 challenge as it evolves at

Please also watch The #HoxbyWorld365 video. The soundtrack was donated royalty-free by freelance working-father Eniola Famodimu.


*and ** source, Bristol University research

*** source NHS studies

Note to Editors:

Hoxby is a community of self-employed professionals that provides Futureproof consultancy services to help businesses evolve for the future of work, as well as agency services across Marketing, PR, Innovation, Finance, Operations, HR and Operations.

Founded in 2015, we are a social enterprise with a vision to create a happier, more fulfilled society through a world of work without bias. We are built on the belief that everyone choosing their own ‘workstyle’* is the future of the global workforce: a much needed refresh of an outdated 9-5 system, where inclusion comes as standard and diversity is harnessed for competitive advantage.

The way we work is uncorporate and refreshing; no bureaucracy, hierarchy or jargon, just brilliant people working together to get the job done well.

Hoxby is the brainchild of Alex Hirst and Lizzie Penny, who, as a result of their own experiences, are passionate campaigners for a world of work without bias, providing access to work for those who might otherwise not have it.

Today, Hoxby’s virtual agency includes over 800 freelancers across 30 different countries, each adopting the freedom to choose their own ‘workstyle’.

*‘workstyle’ - the complete freedom to choose where and when you work