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Impactful by design

As a mission-led organisation, we use business as a force for good to make a positive impact on Hoxbies, our clients and the world.

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Our missiOn

We exist to create a happier, more fulfilled society through a world of work without bias.

What makes HOxby different?

We call our autonomous approach to working, workstyle – the freedom to choose when and where you work. It allows us to be inclusive, enables diverse perspectives and creates a positive impact by helping our clients, Hoxbies and the wider world.


Our clients

Our style of working enables our clients to benefit from refreshing work that improves their impact – we are partners in creating positive change.



Creating a world of work without bias can best be achieved with a diverse community, and Hoxbies are living proof of inclusivity.


The world

We aim to positively impact more people by promoting workstyle and turning a growing population towards an autonomous future of work. 

Impact Reports

To learn more about our impact-led strategies and results, you can read our F22 Impact Report – which proves that doing good is beneficial for business and for people. A snapshot of F22:


of our revenue came from impact projects


million was paid out to Hoxbies for Workstyle work


new book called "Workstyle," written by co-founders Lizzie Penny and Alex Hirst

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workstyle rev

We’re pioneering new working methods to increase inclusion and diversity and improve many lives for the better. By creating workstyle, we’ve started a revolution for wellbeing, productivity and society. 

Workstyle Freestyle 019


Alex and Lizzie discuss carers in the workforce, the struggle of balancing work and caring for a loved one, and some interesting stats.

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Workstyle Freestyle Diversity


We look at diversity and inclusion, fully integrating D&I into your daily operations as a company and its benefits.

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Workstyle Freestyle Diversity

Better together

We look at the value of collective mindsets and combined talents as well as how freelancers can benefit from that feeling of togetherness.

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Workstyle Freestyle Always Improving

Always improving

We unpack the Hoxby value of #AlwaysImproving and how everyone is responsible for making small, continuous improvements.

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B Corp

As a B Corp, we work to maintain high standards of social and environmental performance and firmly believe that embedding purpose in our business is good business. We work with other B Corps to share insights, collaborate, learn and improve via BHive, the online platform where B Corps connect. With an ever-growing community in the UK and around the world, it’s an exciting opportunity to reinvent the role of business and create a positive impact on society.

Hoxby as a B Corp

Valuable 500

We’re a member of the Valuable 500, a global business collective made up of 500 CEOs and their companies, working together to improve disability inclusion. Our mission is to use the power of business to drive lasting change for the 1.3 billion people around the world living with a disability. By sharing ideas and innovations we can solve problems and be catalysts for change to create a positive impact at scale.

Ending exclusion
Hoxby Foundation

Hoxby Foundation

The Hoxby Foundation is our not-for-profit arm. We’ve joined forces with other organisations aiming to eliminate the gap between the number of people from excluded groups who want to work, and the number who actually do. By pioneering projects that allow more people to do fulfilling work, we further our aim of creating an accessible world of work without bias.

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Neurodiversity in Business

Hoxby joined Neurodiversity in Business in 2023. The NiB is a business-led forum functioning as an industry group for organisations to share industry good practice on ND recruitment, retention and empowerment. Joining NiB will ensure we continue to revolutionise the world of work within and beyond Hoxby to be more inclusive, accessible and fair.

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