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Located across 29 countries, each of our 450+ members has passed a rigorous selection process and proven themselves within a live project environment. They are the best of their industry, selected on merit and without prejudice.

We use our diverse global network of talent to provide the highest quality and best value team for every job, rather than selling you the team we have in-house.

We don’t put people into roles, we combine the skills, passions and experiences of each member to create a fast, flexible and bespoke team for every brief.

Our futureproofing consultancy helps you evolve for the future of work and our agency services give you access to our flexible workforce, on demand.

Consultancy + Agency

Our futureproofing consultancy service helps you evolve for the future of work and our agency services across Marketing, Finance, Admin, HR and Operations give you access to a flexible workforce, on demand.

With rapid technological advances, the globalisation of the workforce, changing demographics and new societal values- the need for agility is becoming critical for businesses to survive and thrive in the future of work. Designed with the future in mind, Hoxby has unique insight into what it takes to be fit for the new world:

AUTHENTIC PURPOSE: Companies of the future have an authentic sense of purpose that aligns their workforce beyond bricks and mortar and across continents.

FAMILIAL CULTURE: If purpose can inspire a workforce, then culture determines its success. We embrace and nurture the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of people within a collective.

SUPER-AGILE STRUCTURE: Culture is only as effective as the infrastructure that underpins it. Combining systems and processes with the effective use of employed and freelance workers to optimise business performance with the future in mind.

Our marketing experts bring experience across a diverse range of industries, and consumer groups giving Hoxbies a deep understanding of your customers to create powerful communications. Some of the common projects we undertake include:

BRANDING: Brand positioning, brand architecture and all aspects of branding design

COMMUNICATIONS: Integrated ATL and BTL campaign communications and events

PR: Complete PR campaigns, Press office, Media relations

DIGITAL: Customer Experience, UX, Web Design, Apps, Social media

Hoxbies are used to running operations remotely and are experts in process mapping, organisational design and first-hand delivery. Some of the common projects we undertake include:

TRANSFORMATION: Organisational mapping & strategy, design & implementation

SYSTEMS: Cloud-systems audit, bespoke integrations, system implementation & training

DELIVERY: Event management, project management and operational delivery

With access to experts in all areas of HR, we tailor the team to meet your needs, and only bill you for the time you need them. Some of the common projects we undertake include:

COMPLIANCE: HR advice & tools, HR systems, policy writing, services & analytics

TALENT: Employee acquisition & onboarding, learning & development

ENGAGEMENT: Reward & recognition, employer value proposition

TRANSFORMATION: Organisational change, change management

If you need your company finances to be in safe hands, but don’t want to employ a full-time team, then look no further. Some of the common projects we undertake include:

ACCOUNTS: Bookkeeping, accounts receivable & payable, payroll, management reporting, year end accounts

ANALYSIS: Forecasting and scenario planning, price modelling , route to market analysis, investment decisions, portfolio restructuring

SYSTEMS: Accounting software evaluation , bespoke implementation and integration of new software, automated management reporting

COMMERCIAL FINANCE: Reporting and Financial business partnering

With admin experts of all levels, we tailor a team to meet your needs, working only for the time you need, be that a couple of hours diary management to 24 / 7 admin support. Some of the common projects we undertake include:

ASSISTANCE: Traditional EA, PA and secretarial support, travel and accommodation sourcing and booking

SUPPORT: Process administration, customer support, coordination of teams

DOCUMENTATION: Research and report writing, document formatting

DATA: Data entry and analysis, CRM administration

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