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Don't quit your day dream


One year ago, on not much more than a whim, I packed in my day job and decided it was time to ‘follow my dream’ of becoming a freelance writer. That year was a roller coaster of ups and downs, and then I found The Hoxby Collective and the ups became a lot more frequent. I’m totally inspired by the Hoxby ethos – a collective of amazing freelance talent, collaborating on exciting projects from all corners of the globe, working how and when it suits, but also, where it suits them.

Which is important, because the second impulse decision I made this year was to act on my other life dream and move to New York. So far, it has been the most exciting, inspiring, and full-throttle, fast-paced experience. It seems that everyone here is a freelancer with a #sidehustle – I met the graphic designer who runs his own radio show while also setting up a brand new art magazine, the tech-geek who codes by day but by night throws amazing supper club parties that are taking the city by storm, the lawyer who runs her own artisan pickling company on the side… the list goes on. I really think we’re dawning on a new era where job titles will become obsolete, and I love that my freelance life gives me the freedom to be involved in multiple, varied projects. It keeps me out of trouble!

New York, New York

Working from New York and communicating daily with London has helped me feel less homesick too. The five-hour time difference means that London’s already up and at ‘em long before I’ve even opened my eyes, so I wake up to a #watercooler full of lively chat and a #classroom full of interesting articles (just two of the channels we use to communicate via Slack). We love to share photos of our various #workspaces around the world, which vary greatly and provide endless wonder (and occasional envy). We also share tips, tricks, and general moral support for balancing busy modern working lives. I usually log on early, get an hour’s work in to get caught up and see how the rest of my day is looking, then if I have time I go for a quick gym session – it’s great when the gym is empty and I can sing along with my workout music.

Milk & Roses BK

I’ll then work from one of the many coffee shops in Williamsburg (Milk & Roses and Toby’s Estate are my favourites), the Ace Hotel in Manhattan, or my rooftop where I can take in the view. As the UK and Europe fall asleep, New Zealand and Australia wake up and I often find myself chatting with Hoxbies who are getting their day started. Then it’s time for a glass of wine – the fun bit about not being tied to an office is that I’m often already in the lively part of town – before going home to my apartment and falling into bed, where I can catch a last glimpse of the Empire State Building through the curtains as I close my eyes.

If you too are ready to ditch humdrum, 9-5 living simply click here to apply and join over 300 of us at The Hoxby Collective. We look forward to meeting you.


Abbie Moulton is a freelance writer specialising in food, drink, and culture, and an Associate Copywriter at The Hoxby Collective. When she’s not writing, she can be found exploring the wine bars and restaurants of either London or New York.