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I'm able to grow my not-for-profit thanks to my workstyle

Typically, the reality of remote working means being able to set up an office in the comfort of our own home, perhaps venturing out to the local coffee shop - or if we’re feeling particularly adventurous, trying out the latest co-working space.


How going travelling with my family for a year helped me nail the freelance lifestyle

I sat at my desk. The job I’d slogged so hard to get and then keep suddenly seemed pointless. I drummed my fingers and mentally …


Why more and more millennials are choosing non-traditional workplaces.

Ten months into a corporate job in the communications department of a global commercial real estate firm, my energy and creativity …


Love numbers, but don't love 9-5?

Here’s your opportunity to join one of the most innovative and passionate freelance communities in the world. We’re looking for …


Ask yourself: Does this job really require physical presence?

The Hoxby Collective is a virtual community of freelancers. Its co-founder Lizzie Penny is on a mission to destigmatise flexible …


Why everyone needs a sounding board at 'work'

No-one ever had an idea that wasn’t improved by talking it through with someone. Humans are social creatures, designed to learn …


Love what you do, love where you work

In the garden at home under the tree; it's just shaded enough that I can see my screen, whilst still sitting in the dappled …


The Impact of Presenteeism in the Workplace - (INFOGRAPHIC)

Imagine a world where you never have to miss your child’s sports day. You’re free to meet your friends for brunch. You can take …


One writer's advice for making the freelancer dream a reality

I have been a freelancer for the majority of my working life. My mum ran her own businesses and I grew up in an environment where …


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