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My Workspace


Millie-Mae Twort has already proven herself an inspiration as one of Huckleberry Partners’ youngest Associates, working on The View from The Shard, Comic Relief and Crosta & Mollica for Huckleberry. Here she provides more food for thought with her ability to change up her workspace, not just with a new view, but in an entirely new country.

A little work holiday…

One of my favourite places to work is in Ibiza. I was lucky enough to spend some time last year staying in apartments full of other self employed people who travel and work at the same time. I get a great breakfast (usually blueberry pancakes and iced coffee) every morning and look out across the pool whilst I settle down to work. It’s great to get away when my workload isn’t too full. Having the flexibility to work abroad is amazing, and has opened my eyes to a different way of life out of the office.

My working day, at home and away

Usually my working day is 8:30am-5:00pm with an hour for lunch in England, but in quiet periods it’s great to change my environment completely and spend some of the day relaxing. In Ibiza I work solidly for a few hours in the morning and then an hour or so in the afternoon depending on the size of my inbox and to do list! I spend the rest of my time reading (I’m now reading Disclaimer by Renée Knight), exploring the Island and meeting new like-minded people – with the occasional night out.

Inspiration in new people

I love being around so many different people. In Ibiza I stay in a worker’s apartment where everyone has a unique job and everyone seeks advice from one another. Also being in the sunshine every day is no bad thing!

Where else I work

There are other places I enjoy working from in England. One is Walnut’s Café in South East London – it’s very near my house so easily accessible. Their wifi is great, the food is excellent and affordable and they have a lovely outside seating area for when it’s sunny. It’s also nice to see familiar faces as the cafe is so close to my home and provides a real sense of community.

A little creative buzz

Sometimes it’s great to be in a quiet environment when working on things that require a lot of concentration, but at other times I like to be around people in a workspace to help creativity. I enjoy bouncing my ideas off of other people. I love working at Huckleberry Home (I have only missed one since the very beginning) as it provides a great environment to work collaboratively with other members of your team. It also helps me to build a more personal relationship with colleagues. Working remotely sometimes makes this hard and Huckleberry Home is the perfect solution.

What I can’t live without when working…

Good wifi and an endless supply of tea. I also always have my notebook, pen, charger and laptop. And usually a good playlist!

Millie-Mae Twort is an Associate at The Hoxby Collective. She has previously worked within the Brand Management team at creative agency Futureproof, and as an Apprentice at Google and has recently returned from three months travelling in South America.