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Working on the other side of the world

had only been freelancing for six months prior to making the move from my home in the UK here to Perth in Western Australia.


Empathy and the future of work

Running a business that champions the workstyle movement, I am frequently asked to define the future of work. There are many …


Haka to Success

I have loved rugby since playing at school and I've really enjoyed the last few weeks of a hugely entertaining World Cup. Aside …


It’s not about the route you take, but the talents you have

One of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make was what to do when I left sixth form. I was just 17 and under a lot of …


Workstyles around the world

For most people, remote or flexible working means working from their home office, kitchen table, or in the local cafe. For me, …


Lessons from the sub-continent

It was Sunday, 5.30am, and the golden sun was rising. On top of a small mountain, sitting in the shadow of a shrine and surrounded …


“But wait, there’s just one more thing I have to tell you…”

This was frequently my line when I first started working from home, following my weary husband about the house unloading every …


PA, Potter and Parent

On a Monday I’m a Virtual PA working from home, shifting diaries, booking restaurants, firing off a thousand emails and making the …


Pyjamas Optional...

It’s 11am, the second load of washing is in, you’re still in your PJs and the near deafening cries of Jeremy Kyle guests are …


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