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Discover the world while you work


March 20, 2018

Typically, the reality of remote working means being able to set up an office in the comfort of our own home, perhaps venturing out to the local coffee shop - or if we’re feeling particularly adventurous, trying out the latest co-working space. But with advancements in technology and connectivity, an increasing number of our Hoxbies are challenging this norm by packing their bags and taking remote working to the extreme.

These digital adventurers are choosing to carve out a work pattern that fits around their travel ambitions. This may involve road-tripping, adopting a slow travel lifestyle or going one step further and making an unconventional location their new home. For them, the need to earn an income isn’t restricting their chance to explore the world, but rather it’s fuelling their opportunity to discover untapped places. Armed with a laptop and passion, the two parts of their lives can now play out in harmony.  

Embracing Vanlife

Jes Lee is currently embracing this philosophy by travelling and working around Australia in a van, affectionately named Bert. Using a portable WiFi device she is able to work each morning, before relaxing for the afternoon on a beautiful beach.

“No one day is the same. It barely feels like I’m working”, she enthuses.

After spending three months in Western Australia with her partner, she fell in love with the country. So much so the couple decided to embark on a road-trip, confident that Jes could finance the adventure as they travelled. The beauty of working flexibly also means she doesn’t have to do punishing hours. Instead, Jes is able to work 20-30 hours a week, finding the perfect balance with plenty of time to explore new places and enjoy travelling too. Apart from a few technical hiccups along the way, the experience has been mind-opening.   

An office with a view

The mountains are proving a big draw for many location-independent workers. From the breathtaking Alps to the foothills of the Himalayas, some of our Hoxbies are combining a love of the outdoors with their working life. Krys Baker is currently based in Wengen, a chocolate-box village nestled in the Swiss Alps. Working from this beautiful location not only gives her an office with a view, but also allows her to earn an income while satisfying her thirst for adventure sports. With a cable car five minutes from her door she is able to ski or paraglide in her lunch break, which certainly beats grabbing a quick sandwich from M&S! By remote working from the Alps, Krys has found a work-life balance that suits her, one that would be difficult to replicate back home.

Krys’s tactics for overcoming the afternoon slump.

Louise Watsham is another Hoxby Associate who benefits from breathtaking mountain views. She regularly spends blocks of time freelancing in Nepal, where she co-owns a trekking company. Louise says these trips offer a complete change of scenery, time to refresh the mind and remember what’s important. For her, being able to work flexibly is a valuable asset. It enables her to stay connected to her work in the UK while pursuing a passion and nurturing a business in a location that is completely out of her comfort zone.

Discovering a new home

The unearthing of stunning locations has led some remote workers to stay on for longer periods of time, sometimes years. Hoxby Associate Nikki Scott-Powell chose to settle rather than travel full-time and has been busy renovating a house in the Algarve. Disillusioned with her hectic desk job in London she decided to leave it all behind in search of a calmer pace in sunnier climes. Two years on she has no regrets. Now that her house has a roof and all rooms are habitable she has an enviable view of orange trees and agave. The Mediterranean way of life means she can also work from a shaded spot in the town square or craft ideas by the pool, a cold drink in hand. A positive contrast from her former stressful world.

Nikki working poolside with a laptop, notebook and beer.

The possibilities are clear. Whether our travel dreams are short or long term, by road or by boat, close to home or across the other side of the globe - a career no longer has to limit our chance for adventure. Today’s technology already provides us with the flexibility to explore the world around us while staying connected to our work. And it’s only going to get easier. Admittedly, this lifestyle choice isn’t without its challenges; it’s not a permanent holiday. But there’s no denying it offers the freedom to follow a passion for adventure and travel, without compromising on a fulfilling career. No more 9-5, no more grey commutes - instead the chance to discover the world while you work, striking the ultimate work-life balance.

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