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“But wait, there’s just one more thing I have to tell you…”

This was frequently my line when I first started working from home, following my weary husband about the house unloading every minor detail of the day. A slightly rude email, a misinterpreted cover brief, a loss of wifi connection – nothing was too minor to be described in excruciating detail.


PA, Potter and Parent

On a Monday I’m a Virtual PA working from home, shifting diaries, booking restaurants, firing off a thousand emails and making the …


Pyjamas Optional...

It’s 11am, the second load of washing is in, you’re still in your PJs and the near deafening cries of Jeremy Kyle guests are …


Entrepreneurship + Motherhood = A Winning Combination

When I co-founded my first business at 26, I did so for three reasons; firstly I had an itch I wanted to scratch in that I felt …


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