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Introducing Hoxby Associate, Aggie Bainbridge


September 26, 2017

I’m a freelance graphic designer, this means on any given day I could be creating a new brand identity, designing a website or creating editorial design for a magazine. I have my own company (just me) called Petits Papiers but I’m also an associate with the Hoxby Collective, where I’m head of design. This means I work as part of the recruitment process, hiring other talented designers, as well as helping match the right type of designer in the right role.

How did you figure out that this was what you wanted to do?

I feel like I was lucky enough to fall into this career by following what I love to do. I’d always enjoyed art and design at school as well as making things, so decided to study a Foundation Degree in Art and Design before settling on doing a BA in Graphic Design. I lived in London after I graduated and worked my butt off interning in design studios for eight months before getting my first full time role. Hard work but well worth it in the end.

Why do you love what you do?

Every day is different and every project is different. In my line of design, communicating to a client’s audience in the right way is the most important factor, so there’s a lot of strategy involved. Then we get to make everything look beautiful which is incredibly enjoyable.

What have been some highlights of your career/some cool things you have done?

I’ve worked with some fairly big name clients which has been fun, but the highlights are always the projects where we’re collaborating with small teams and startups to create innovative new brands. The reward is in seeing the finished product and watching companies grow because of the work we’ve put in.

What limitations or struggles did you experience when you worked in a more traditional 9-5 format?

The usual; two hours commuting each day, not having enough time to look after my well being, feeling undermotivated and uninspired.

Why did you decide to join the Hoxby Collective and the workstyle movement?

I’d already taken the plunge to go freelance and try to travel and work remotely, I heard about the Hoxby Collective from an old school friend and realised what a perfect solution it was. I’d been enjoying working for myself but had really started to miss the collaboration, inspiration and support that comes from a wider team.

Do you love what you do more now that you have the freedom to work how you like? Why?

I LOVE what I do, now I get to work at the times I’m most efficient, early morning and early evenings and take time out when I want to get reinspired. I get to do yoga in the mornings instead of sitting on the tube, I have time to exercise and cook proper food, go to galleries and travel for inspiration. And best of all I’m part of an amazing community of other talented and engaged individuals working with the same values.

What’s your #workstyle?

I’ve got a new lifestyle of travel and work, I’m currently travelling around Europe working in a different place every few months, getting inspiration from different locations. As for a working day it really depends on the day and the project. Sometimes I’ll find myself working 14 straight hours either because of a tight deadline or because I’m really into what I’m working on, but the rest of the time I tend to get as much done in the mornings as possible and take the rest of the day for other things.

Any advice for anyone else thinking about leaving the 9-5?

Trust your gut, having your own workstyle is wonderfully liberating and rewarding but I’m not going to pretend that it’s not hard work. You need to be driven and motivated to make sure you’re getting paid enough and making the most of your free time.

Any advice for anyone struggling to find their passion?

Try anything and everything new, even the things that sound weird, and talk to people, they often have insights into types of work you never knew existed.


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