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Welcome to The Hoxby Collective

Hoxbies are revolutionary

At Hoxby, we have created a revolutionary model of work that brings unprecedented agility for our clients, while improving the happiness and fulfilment of our people.

We are an award-winning workforce of more than 800 exceptionally talented people working remotely across 30 countries.

We curate experts from our community to provide consultancy and agency services for clients around the world, tailoring our teams to deliver great results, every time.

We don’t have swanky offices, instead we use the latest technology to bring our teams together. The result is a fast and flexible community that delivers brilliant people at amazing value.

What do we do?

Hoxbies are handpicked

Our futureproof model of work gives the world’s finest talent a platform to work with total flexibility and to collaborate seamlessly across borders.

Our experience of working this way makes us uniquely able to help scale-up and large-scale businesses become futureproof too; through our Futureproofing consultancy, and by operating as an agency across Marketing, Operations, HR, Finance and Admin.

After a rigorous selection and vetting process, Hoxbies are handpicked into a bespoke team for each brief, matching their individual skills, passions and #workstyles to better meet the needs of the client and their project.

Why do we do it?

Hoxbies are happy

We are the most talented people from around the world, doing what we love, in the way that we do it best- it takes our work to a level of quality that traditional business models will never reach.

We believe that when you love what you do, you do it better and enjoy it more. We have the flexibility to work on our own terms and choose the projects we work on, which ensures we always deliver brilliant work.

By judging each other on the quality of our work rather than our hours of work, we create a genuine meritocracy, removing emotional bias from our working world. By creating our community as an example for others to follow, we hope to inspire individuals and companies to grow towards our vision for a happier, more fulfilled society.

What would you like to do?

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