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Refreshing work

Hoxby is a refreshing change. A purpose-led organisation that exists to create a happier, more fulfilled society through a world of work without bias.

We’re the people who work on our own terms to deliver. No office, no nine-to-five, no presenteeism. Just good brains. Diverse thinking. Incredible outputs. Happy clients.

We’re made up of strategists, creatives, tech-heads. Writing people, numbers people, people people. Thinkers, do-ers, disruptors. We get to the very core of your brief, pull data, pull it apart, throw it around the community, hone it, fine tune it, run it past them again and bring you back an approach and a plan that answers the essence of your brief.

This is the Hoxby way. Refreshing work.

Refreshing for clients

We are an award-winning workforce of more than 1,000 handpicked, talented and diverse freelancers who work remotely in 30 countries around the world. Since inception, more than 20,000 people have applied to join us, such is the demand for our way of working.

We have pioneered a rigorous selection process to only accept the best people into the community, and a proprietary project curation process to match the right people to the right projects at the right time.

The work we deliver is always refreshing, original and unique. We are forward-thinking and innovative – and always deliver to the highest quality. All thanks to the diverse nature of our teams.

Our teams collaborate across time zones, using cloud-based systems, working as seamlessly as they would if they were in the same room. We’re lean, fast and flexible in delivering refreshing professional and creative services for clients including Unilever, Amazon Web Services, Merck, AIA and Warner Media.

Refreshing for people

The way we work is uncorporate and refreshing: no bureaucracy, hierarchy or jargon. Just brilliant brains working together to deliver great projects.

We are the most talented people from around the world, doing what we love in the way that we do it best. This takes our work to a level of quality that traditional business models will never reach.

We believe that when you love what you do, you do it better and enjoy it more. We have the flexibility to work on our own terms and choose the projects we work on - which ensures we always deliver brilliant work.

By judging each other on the quality of our work rather than our hours of work, we create a genuine meritocracy, removing emotional bias from our working world. By creating our community as an example for others to follow, we hope to inspire individuals and companies to grow towards our vision for a happier, more fulfilled society.

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