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Join our fitness challenge – keep active and feel better

The 2020 Hoxby fitness challenge (#world365loop) has officially begun!

What is our fitness challenge?

We’re a global community of around 1,000 freelancers, working remotely from 43 countries, so we’ll collectively and virtually lap the earth in 365 days (or less!), both around the equator and from pole to pole. We kicked things off on 20th March, trying to stay fit with activities to suit everyone and promote better wellbeing.

Some of us may be in lockdown, so whether you choose to run, walk, cycle, swim, row, ski or dance, remember to adhere to your government’s social distancing measures.

You can join up too

In light of the current climate, and in partnership with Remote Workmates we’re now opening up our challenge to invite ALL REMOTE workers around the world to join us. Our goal is to make this a truly inclusive activity that will enhance everyone’s wellbeing, while having fun doing it.

How does it work?

You can log your sporting miles collectively via the Strava app, which will be cumulatively totalled. Together, we’ll aim to loop the earth around the equator, which is 24,901 miles and then loop it again around the meridian, adding another 24,860 miles making the grand total 49,761 miles to be achieved by the end of the year - or earlier.

We began last year’s challenge to lap the globe at New Year and achieved it by mid-October 2019 – 73 days ahead of schedule and covering an incredible 28,204 miles. Let’s beat our record!

How to join the #world365loop challenge

  1. Go to and subscribe.
  2. Click on the magnifier select clubs from the dropdown menu.
  3. Type in “world365loop” and press enter.
  4. Click on “request to join” and we’ll process your request.

Why join our fitness challenge?

The #world365loop challenge is one of the many ways our community works together to achieve a happier and more fulfilled society. Achieving true work-life balance is integral to everyone’s life – and finding time to exercise plays a significant role. NHS studies have shown that exercise boosts workplace productivity by 21% and motivation by 41% – and 150 minutes per week can equate to a 31% lower risk of depression.

Currently, 110 associates from the Hoxby community are voluntarily participating in the #world365loop fitness challenge. Join us now.

See the latest team activities tracked on our Strava app

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