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Hoxby World 365 fitness challenge

At Hoxby our mission is to create a happier and more fulfilled society through a world of work without bias. We do it through workstyle- giving everyone freedom to work on their own terms, for the good of their mental health and wellbeing.

We know that looking after our physical health can have a powerful effect on our mental wellbeing. So in 2019 we’ve challenged ourselves to collectively travel 24,901 miles around the globe in 365 days. We can run, walk, swim, dance, hike, cycle, skip or contribute by any other form of activity as long as distance can be tracked and it helps us to reach our target of getting around the world by 31st December 2019.

In true Hoxby style we are embracing technology and have created a virtual community of #hoxbyworld365 participants, each with their own personal fitness goals.

Whilst our community hops, skips and jumps across the globe we want to help remove mental health stigma and create meaningful, accessible work for all. We’ll also be fundraising for mental health charities and other causes that are close to our hearts.

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We are creating a community where people are defined by their contribution, not by when or where they chose to work. We promote mental health and wellbeing for our members, and want to help other businesses to nurture a happy and productive workforce. Together we can create a world of #workwithoutbias

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