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Being a Hoxby

Are you ready to join our talented community, increase our diversity and engage in more of the work you love? Help us create a positive impact!

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The key to workstyle is creating one that works for you and means you can fit your work around your life rather than the other way around. And the more of us that do it, the happier and more fulfilled our society will be. 

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Victoria Shaw

We talk all things travel, jet lag and portfolio careers with Victoria Shaw, Managing Director of Innovation at Hoxby. 

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workstyle stories

Francois Souyri

We explore life priorities, wellbeing and escaping office politics with Francois Souyri, a Hoxby who specialises in IT and technology.

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workstyle stories

Judit Saez

We talk about anxiety, security and the need for freedom with Judit Saez, Managing Director of Marketing-Creative and Impact at Hoxby.

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workstyle stories

Caroline Bar

We chat about success, life changes and adapting with Caroline Bar, a Hoxby who specialises in video production and copywriting.

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COllective Behaviours

We use a set of collective behaviours derived from shared values within the Hoxby community. These define our culture and how we approach our work. They are designed to empower us, promote equitable ideas, encourage participation and harness our collective intelligence.

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How do I get work through Hoxby?

Once you’ve joined the community, you’ll have access to opportunities promoted through Slack, our workplace communication tool. You can join channels relevant to your skills and connect with others who work in areas you’re passionate about. Hoxbies apply and are short-listed based on best fit for the requirements, and teams are curated on this basis. We also have a #PlayYourPart initiative, where those who contribute to the community by getting involved, offering expertise, etc., are often first in line to benefit.

How much will I get paid?

Opportunities are advertised with specific project rates which are linked to delivery of an output and these will vary depending on the skills required and the complexity of the work. We operate on an output basis, rather than time spent.

What percentage of Hoxbies are in paid work?

Not all Hoxbies are in the community for paid work – some people join for the social connection, because they believe in the workstyle revolution, or to be a part of the change we’re creating in the world. In F21 59% of Hoxbies worked on paid work, and in F22 47% of Hoxbies worked on client projects. Our goal for F25 is for 80% of the community to be delivering paid workstyle work.    

Do I need to give up other projects/clients?

No. There is an expectation that all Hoxbies will also work on projects outside of Hoxby, through their own businesses and with personal clients. Individuals at Hoxby choose the projects they work on, so it’s about managing your availability to ensure you can produce your best work while also fully respecting your workstyle. 

Do you have to pay to be a Hoxby?
No, it’s free to become a Hoxby. The only stipulation we make is that all members must have professional business insurance with a reputable broker.