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What’s your #workstyle?

We believe that enjoying life is in the little details. It’s taking the long way to your favourite coffee shop. It’s paragliding between meetings. It’s having the time to marvel at your child’s first wobbly steps – because you’re able to work when and how you choose.

Great work is still at the heart of what we do. But we know everyone works differently and that the best work can be done at 6am before the school run, in a camper van while exploring the world or after taking a few days rest to recover from the last big project.

Our global community of freelancers believes that flexible working is the future of work and that our #workstyle movement will redefine the very structure of work to make it better for everyone.

Ready to do your best work and find your #workstyle? Join our community for your new, empowering way to work.

How it works

Each Hoxby decides when and where they work, creating a workstyle for themselves that fits with other important aspects of their life.

Depending on their circumstances, this will likely mean trading traditional employment for self-employment, or a combination of the two. There are certain tax obligations that come with this, and we offer discounted internal support from an expert to help Hoxbies ensure they are set up correctly.

It’s free to join Hoxby, but we do have a comprehensive selection process. If you’re successful, we continually seek to combine your skills with other members of the community to create highly specialised teams that work together in delivering services to clients. We never put one person on a project, but always use a combination of people to form a brilliant team.

Our teams collaborate across time zones by using cloud-based systems and proprietary processes, doing so as effectively as if they were working in the same room.


We don’t guarantee anyone work within Hoxby. We ask every Hoxby to #PlayYourPart in building a community bigger than the sum of its members. Here’s a brief overview of how Hoxbies contribute – and what they get in return.


  • Support and promote the workstyle movement
  • Deliver exceptional work, seek to set a new standard
  • Help us build the world’s most talented virtual community
  • Use the tools we provide to help bring in new projects


  • A workstyle that fits around your life and adapts to suit you
  • More of the work you love (and less of the work you don’t) for prestigious clients in industries that particularly interest you
  • Membership of an inspiring community of talented and like-minded individuals from around the world


Hoxby is a new concept that provides a platform for the best talent to do what they love, be part of a fantastic community and create a flexible workstyle to best suit their ever-changing lifestyle. When we explain the way we work, people always have questions – so we have answered the most common ones here. If you’d like to ask us anything not listed below, then we’d love to hear from you.

> Is Hoxby a recruiter?

No, we curate world-class teams by bringing together talented individuals from within our community to answer briefs and solve problems for clients. We are accountable for the collective output. We facilitate Hoxbies working on the projects they love, when it suits them. Although sometimes this does involve working from our clients’ offices, we do so only occasionally and mostly work remotely in our Hoxby teams.

> What expectations are there for a Hoxby to #PlayYourPart?

Hoxby has a big vision for a happier, more fulfilled society through a world of work without bias. But this can only become a reality if each member makes it so. This is a collective effort, not the work of a handful of people. We therefore ask that everyone #PlayYourPart in helping to grow the community in a number of ways as part of your onboarding, i.e. recommending clients to Hoxby, recommending new Hoxbies, completing a Hoxby trial, and making positive suggestions and contributions to fulfil our value of #alwaysimproving.

> Will I be employed by Hoxby?

No. All of the individuals in our community are freelance professionals who retain the freedom to choose where and when they work. This means everyone either operates as a sole trader or a limited company. Even those who provide services to the ‘core’ of Hoxby (providing the branding, workflow planning and administration that make us run smoothly) are freelance. We believe it’s the only way everyone can truly choose their own workstyle.

> Why not just employ people flexibly? What is the added benefit with Hoxby?

We believe that genuine flexibility can only be provided if power is given to each individual to decide exactly how and when they work. Employment contracts, by their nature, are a commitment to work for a single company, and usually with regular working hours. We don’t believe that either of these things should be forced upon anyone. Talented people should have the freedom to work in the way that motivates them best.

> Can I really work in any way and from anywhere?

Yes! We actively encourage Hoxbies to manage their own workstyle to fit perfectly with their lifestyle. We know that life changes month to month and week to week – and work should change with it. We are very happy for all of Hoxbies to work differently from one another and to change their working hours as often as they like. Thanks to the systems we use for delivering our work, we create teams from different corners of the world who work very effectively together.

> How do I get work through Hoxby?

When applying to Hoxby, we will assess your cultural fit and whether you have a shared ambition for the world of work. Once in the community, you will be able to see any opportunities currently live in the community and apply online for them via a mini application form. Your application will be reviewed by the project lead based on your specific skills and suitability at that time.

> How much will I get paid?

Opportunities promoted to the community will show the day rate or fixed fee (as agreed per the budget with the client). Therefore, if you submit an application and are accepted onto that project, it is with an understanding you are happy with the quoted day rate (which may be higher or lower than your average). Opportunities in the ‘Core’ of Hoxby are aligned to a standard set of day rates based on the type of responsibilities the person will have.

> Do I have to work part time? Can I still work five days a week?

That’s completely up to you. Some individuals work five days a week, some work 37.5-hour weeks more flexibly, in a way that fits around their lifestyle. Others work weekends or evenings or only in the afternoon. It is completely up to you, and you can work as much or as little as you would like (available opportunities dependent), so long as you deliver fantastic work.

> What percentage of Hoxbies are in paid work (through Hoxby)?

Last month (August 2019), 32 per cent of Hoxbies were in paid work – either with our clients or in the ‘Core’. This is significantly higher than freelance platforms/intermediaries, which typically create work for 3-4 per cent of their people. We are incredibly proud of this, but aspire to reach higher levels in the future.

> Do I need to give up my other projects/clients?

We don’t guarantee work for our members. Some Hoxbies already work as freelancers or contractors for existing clients who they want to carry on working with. We are happy for everyone in the community to continue with their other work and client projects outside Hoxby. We just ask that everyone is transparent with us about how much availability they have to ensure that we don’t expect you to work for more of your time than you have available.

> Can I bring work I’m doing directly with an existing client to Hoxby?

Yes, absolutely. Some Hoxbies find they take on projects that they would like to deliver as part of a team rather than by themselves, often in order to delegate more junior work or to work with specialists who can take on elements of the project. We are always delighted when individuals bring projects to Hoxby in this way.

> What is ‘Hoxby Home’?

Hoxbies work remotely in accordance to their #workstyle, however we do encourage Hoxby community and support in the form of ‘Hoxby Home Days’. In these, groups of Hoxbies come together, bounce ideas off each other and generally have some company for the working day, whether they are working on Hoxby projects or not. These are hosted at whatever location is convenient, such as a house or a local cafe. Hoxbies can come along for just an hour or the whole day, whatever is convenient. Once in the community, you will see individuals share details of local Home Days for you to join.

> With everyone working remotely, how can I collaborate effectively with other associates?

While Hoxbies are spread all over of the world, we are a tight-knit community who come together through video and messenger chats (and also in person on our Hoxby Home days). Through modern technology, we are able to collaborate extremely efficiently in shared virtual spaces. Visit our blog to get an insight into what it’s like to be a Hoxby. We also host annual Refresh events, which enable Hoxbies to get together for work, fun, inspiration and learning.

> Do I have to pay to become a Hoxby?

No, it’s free to become a Hoxby. The only stipulation we make is that all members must have professional business insurance with a reputable broker.

> Is there an application process to become a Hoxby?

We open for general applications on a quarterly basis, in January, April, July and October. In between these month-long windows, we stay open for high-need skills that will vary, based on demand. There’s a link titled ´Apply´on the Hoxby website. Our application form focuses on one key question: “Why do you want to be a Hoxby and what does the #workstyle movement mean to you?” The response to this question can be uploaded in any format – visual, written, in song, however you like. We will review this workstyle task for connection to our purpose and if you are successful, you will be welcomed into our Slack community, though your application remains under review until you have completed a showcase task (details given during the application process).

What would you like to do?

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